So this white woman (is it just me or are they always white?): Nadine Morano, (ex-minister of the UMP - Nicolas Sarkozy’s party) was very upset when she saw a veiled Muslim woman on the beach.

She then took a picture of the woman (without her consent) and wrote a rant on her Facebook page, making the comparison with Brigitte Bardot, former French sex-icon: who, for her is the symbol of a liberated and free French woman.

Some interesting parts of her rant:

“The man got into a bathing suit showing off his well-sculpted body, while the woman sat completely dressed, obedient on the sand,” . “Happy to to be taking a dip, he waved at his sweet submissive wife.”

I ask the integrated French Muslims (a.k.a the once who don’t wear a veil) who have chosen to live in this country and who we respect, to help get this simple point: France is not a religious state. “

It seems as France will never get over the discussion of the veil. With the Burqa banned in 2010 (under the heading of  a prohibition of full face covering) and forbidding girls to wear the hijab at school: France is putting a lot of effort in regulating the clothing of Muslim women.

What really bothers me here, is that Miss Morano is making assumptions of a woman she saw once (she didn’t even see her face) based on the ongoing stereotypes of covered Muslim women (Islamophobia is rising vividly in France) For Miss Morano, a French woman owes it to the ancestors who fought for her freedom to wear a bikini. She went on a typical white feminist rant: WOMEN NEED TO BE FREE AND LIBERATED IF I GET TO DECIDE WHAT FREE AND LIBERATED MEANS.  And if you’re anything other than that then (and she uses a typical white proverb) : Go back to your country!

Of course her rant didn’t go unnoticed an she received comments. The one that struck me the most was, Fouzia Rakza Bouzauoi’s

Ms. Morano would do better to worry about the tens of thousands of women raped and the 20,000 sexual assaults in France (that’s only the number reported) rather than talking about the submission of a woman she does not even know and who might have made this choice herself,” 

Which I completely agree with.

When I think about women’s freedom, I make (sadly enough) the link with the risk of sexual assault and rape.

France is classed 27 in the world’s classification for rape rate

75 000 a year - every 7 minute in France, but no one talks about that

You can not talk about the right for women to wear whatever it is that they want without talking about the predators in the street. But that’s another discussion.

There is also of course the very blatant sexism in France’s educational system that needs to be taken care off  *crickets sounds* Where are you miss Morano? Miss? And the 8 on 10 women who have to face sexism at work.. But it’s fine tho we saw Bardot’s boobs on the TV, it’s all going to be alright *laughs nervously*

In conclusion: Miss Morano should shut the fuck up about things she knows nothing about in order to make the national news  once in her political carrier. This sad attempt to talk about women’s oppression covered in a shiny islamophobic blanket isn’t fooling anyone. But I know she won’t listen, they never listen.

So, what do you think about all of this?

- Noëlla







All of the guys participating in this are black. And these are the same guys who wonder “why do black girls always have an attitude? Why are they always mean?” Hmm, idk, maybe because they have to deal with this crap on a daily basis?

these are the people that ruin it for everyone else  tbh

this is an example of how sometimes, its not just that a black man is dating a non-black woman, how it isn’t just a “preference” but an actual aversion to black women. 

I always take it as an aversion to us just being black to be quiet honest. And this shit proves it. Even tho it’s not the majority of black men who participate in this shit, the numbers are big enough and the ones who aren’t participating don’t call the others out. So yea..